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We finally started RotRL this Tuesday (3/8/11) and are converting it to the Pathfinder RPG rules. We are all veterans of 3.5, but this is our first foray into Pathfinder and we are excited about the prospects. Here is our starting cast of characters:

Aamon Vosh – Human Cleric of the Old Ones (Void and Chaos Domains)
Korisel Spireson – Shoanti (Human) Monk
Constantinos Tsirtsirkis – Cheliaxian (Human) Cavalier – Order of the Cockatrice
Adolphus "Matt" Trymantis – Elf Wizard
Wilhelm Trueblood – Half Elf Bard (going to multiclass w/rogue)
Anisa Iraclido – Human Witch
Dagrora Alekin – Dwarf Fighter

Should be a good group. I worry just a little about their ability to heal since their Cleric is a negative channeler, but the Witch took the heal hex so that will help some, at least early on. The rest of the bases seem to be covered, as you would expect in a large part. :)

What follows is intended to be a chronicle of their adventures and they attempt to make their way in the world. I hope anyone reading this enjoys it. I'm going to start with a post for each of the character's backstories, as well as the character bonuses I presented to each to represent their additional training as a backstory reward.

Direweasel's Rise of the Runelords